In the photo below, you can see our "studio" in Hasparren / France where we made most of the mixdowns. On the screen, you see AVLinux running Ardour 2.8.11 booted from live-DVD. These are AKG headphones (K81DJ) and the others from Koss (PortaPro). Both are not that good for mixing. The AKG ones are very heavy on bass-frequencies, so you will tend to amplify treble. Usually, I tend to enhance the basses so this works great for me :-) . The Koss are simply not that good but give a good idea of how the mix will sound on mp3-portables.

Here is some cover artwork for stick together that did not pass the test .....

I like this blueprint very much. It was taken in a nature park in Spain/Basque Country but it's too gloomy and doesn't match the mood of our music.

This one is not gloomy, maybe a little too much 60's ? Maybe a joke? Who knows? I know but I won't tell.