Rainer would like to say "thank you" to:

At first I would like to mention GMaq (Glen) . Thank you Glen! I admire so much what you do!
Although every download on TIW's pages is for free, it would be great to support  AVLinux  by making a donation following the "donation" link of AVLinux

Many thanks to the whole Linux-family.

Special thanks to my family. Thank you for your patience!

Thank you Xavier and Alain.
Thank you Lena and Juliette for listening to an infinite amount of rough mixes.

Thank you Laurie for reviewing this page!

Laurie would like to say "thank you" to:

With love and thanks to:
my family in Munich, my French-English families Duperron & Vaggers
all my friends esp. Rainer & Sophie, VĂ©ro & Uli, Greg & Agnes, Peter & Fiona, Sara & Chris, Alain, Baerbel, Christine K., Ebe, Gregor, Helga, Karin, Lutz, Nico, Oliver
my dance group (Gabi)